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Kari R Khoury I would like to thank the City for all the outreach to the community with the workshops and bus tour. I was excited to see such a great turnout for the Delta college event and was proud to witness such articulate and passionate responses to our positive and negatives. The young generation must be kept engaged in the future design of our city. Many many stated that they want to live and work here but they may not be able to do so because of the lack of jobs with a living or adequate pay base to raise a family here. This is a huge concern. It is evidenced by the average annual income of just $41,000. Please listen to this constituency, As a retired nurse I am aware of the health effects of a poor urban/suburban environment. Air, water pollution and lack of green space/healthy urban forest will continue to keep our high levels of diabetes, lung disease and mental health problems severe. We can do better with an investment in trees, urban garden space and well planned communities. resour The last comment I can offer is to ask the staff/consultants to do more to reach out to the under served communities. I would like to see a walking tour in the neighborhoods that desperately need services, affordable housing, parks and sidewalks etc. You could enlist the various service and non profit groups currently working in these areas. A simple questionnaire and one on one dialog with residents can go a long way to getting better data and to repairing gaps between government and citizens. Thank you. I look forward to a positive road ahead for our wonderful city. 10/28/2016