Responses for What type of development would you like to see more of in Stockton?/¿Qué tipo de desarrollo urbano le gustaría ver en Stockton?

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Kari McNickle Likes: C1 or C3; MU2 or MU4; R7 or R9Greenery, pedestrian scale, friendlier design, feels more removed from cars in some cases 09/21/2016
Sofia Colon MU2 and R9 appear eye catching. I like I like the blending of outdoor activities and residential space. 09/20/2016
Margaret (Peggy) Guttieri 09/23/2016
Sheila James As I am sitting here in the first workshop, it occurs to me that it would be of use to include a review of social detetminants of health and where the disparities exist in the city. 09/20/2016
Zulema Gomez I would like to see a combination of MU1, MU4, MU2, and R9. I am thinking of these images specifically for our downtown area. Outside eating spaces attract young crowds and families, we need more green spaces to encourage families to want to live downtown, but we need affordable and attractive housing in the downtown area as well. 09/20/2016
KIathy Hart Like: C1, 2, 3; MU 1, 2, 3, 4; O 1, 2; R1, 5, 8 Don't Like: R2, 3, 7, 9 09/28/2016
Alex Ajayi I would like to see more mixed use developments (MU1-MU4), The apartment building in Berkeley (MU3) is nice in that it emulates an older architectural style. There are certainly a few existing buildings in Downtown Stockton (like the Medico-Dental building) that could be re-purposed in a similar fashion. Pleasanton Main Street (MU4) reminds me of Downtown Lodi, both of which put Miracle Mile to shame aesthetically. Two of the shops (C1-C2) and offices (O1-O2) are set back from the main road a ways, with a significant portion of their plot taken up by surface lots. This strip mall configuration is common in Stockton, and is far from ideal. Walking from Delta College to either of the two Pacific Ave. malls, for example, is a long journey on account of the massive, shadeless parking lot that separates the two, even though they are directly across from one another. 10/05/2016
Zach Drivon 10/07/2016
Anonymous We liked C-1, MU 1-3, R-2,R-5 But NOT R-9 No cookie cutter strip malls that become vacant eye sores like the huge Longs stores, etc, that sit around and NO ugly, huge Walmarts on every corner!!! Our housing development has houses that look unique!! 10/07/2016
Anonymous C3, MU1-4, R2-9 10/10/2016
Mahala Burns I do like C1, MU1, MU2 (activated sidewalks), like the residential look of R2, R3, R5, R7, R8. Don't like R1-hate seeing nothing but garage doors from the sidewalk. 10/14/2016