Responses for Do you envision staying and working in Stockton?/¿Te imaginas permanecer y trabajar en la ciudad de Stockton?

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Zulema Gomez N/A 09/20/2016
Sheila James Yes 09/20/2016
Anonymous For the time being, unless the homeless situation becomes intolerable, and the uneducated take over our businesses, witha plethora of non-English speaking families. We're also watching because it seems as though our neighborhood is gettingrun down with too many rentals with families who don't take care of the property like we have for many years! 10/07/2016
Margaret (Peggy) Guttieri 09/23/2016
KIathy Hart Over 21 09/28/2016
Anonymous I was raised in Stockton and actually moved out to pursue higher education. I am rather fond of my hometown, and have family there, but Stockton is not exactly known for having many opportunities for STEM majors. Were that ever to change, I would have no qualms about living there. 10/05/2016
Zach Drivon 10/07/2016
Anonymous 10/10/2016
Mahala Burns Not under 21! 10/14/2016