Responses for What do you like most about Stockton?/¿Qué es lo que te gusta más de la ciudad de Stockton?

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Dan Ancona It's nice 08/22/2016
Anonymous My family has lived here since 1930's. I can go anywhere in Stockton and run into family or friends. Many people know each other in this town. 09/20/2016
Anonymous I love the cultural diversity of the people in our city. 09/20/2016
Karen Morgan The weather 09/25/2016
Margaret (Peggy) Guttieri Ethnic DiversityCompact AreaCultural ActivityCommunity Activism 09/23/2016
KIathy Hart I like the wealth of arts, sports, social, educational and philanthropic activities available here. 09/28/2016
Anonymous Stockton's location is its best feature; it is 45 min from Sacramento, 2.5 hours from Tahoe, and 1.5 hours from the Bay Area, and is at the junction of four major highways and freeways. Thanks to the Delta, it has a waterfront and deepwater port, despite being 80 miles inland. The Delta also brings in a nice breeze, which mitigates the stifling heat and smog experienced farther south in the valley. The produce is also quite a lot better than most parts of the country. 10/05/2016
Zach Drivon I have always enjoyed the great diversity and richness of culture that exists among our residents. 10/07/2016
Anonymous Look at the various arts and entertainment all around the city - museums, library, university and community college -lots of activity! The "small town " feel - sense of community! 10/07/2016
Anonymous The diversity! We have a wealth of cultures and backgrounds here, and it is a treasure we should promote and enjoy more. 10/10/2016
Mahala Burns The downtown. Historic buildings, character, history, waterfront. Also Magnolia District and Miracle Mile. 10/14/2016