Responses for Land Use

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Dean Plassaras If you truly wish to revitalize downtown then you need to discourage any zoning north of 8 Mile Road that resembles the proverbial " a camel is a horse designed by a committee". The proposed zoning in favor of "job generators" makes no sense at all. The entire city of Stockton is a place for "job generators", not some isolated northern area which by definition constitutes an edge rather than a placeholder for unrealistic goals. 07/18/2018
Anonymous I encourage the City to adopt a form-based code, such as SmartCode, in at least Downtown Stockton so the City can focus on guiding its physical form instead of bluntly controlling land use. Codes based on regulating land use have led to sprawl, social division by income, and the loss of public gathering spaces; codes based on land use are anathema to encouraging fine-grained infill and a downtown revitalization. Adopting form-based planning standards would allow the City to build on the experience of other California cities like Ventura, which promulgated a Downtown Specific Plan based on form to reduce barriers and develop incentives to encourage redevelopment in its downtown area. 07/13/2017
Dillon Delvo Would it still be possible to include the Little Manila/Chinatown Historic Site area in the general plan for mixed use housing and retail? This area is one of the most neglected parts of Stockton yet contains so much history that is crucial to Filipino American and Chinese American identity. The borders are Lafayette St to the North, Hazelton St. to the South, El Dorado St. to the West, and California St. to the East. 05/24/2017